Jan 3, 2013

Celebrate the Kurdish cultural heritage

Abga was the first Christian king in history and Ura-federation was the first state to have a Christian king (probably 202 AD).
Súryaya (Súri-iai-ia "adjectival definite article") is perfect in Kurdish, (sun-, fire-worshiper)". Súryaya (Súri-iai-ia) indicates his paganism background (his parents were pagan), associated to the traditional sun-, fire-worship.
Ephraim was born in about 306 at Nisibis or its neighborhood. Before he died, in 373, Ephraim asked to be buried among the graves of the destitute and criminals; but shortly afterwards his remains were moved, to the place of burial of the bishops of Edessa (Ura), under the name of Khudr Elias (Xedr Aliás).
Ephraim, Ephrem or Efrêm seems to be a mutilated form of Abráím (Abraham). In Kurdish tales we know him as Xedr Alias and Xedr Zena (Immortal Xedr); apparently Abráím Súryaya was his designation name. It is usual to be buried under the real name. (See Bible Discovered, p. 77-123).
 Ephraim Súryaya, the Xedr Aliás 
Plate XI.
Icon of Ephraim the Súrian (Khudr Elias) Mariam Church, Diyárbaker


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