Nov 6, 2012

Your “Káka” is still sold for a huge sum!

The invaders came from somewhere else, the Persians from India, Arabs from Saudi Arabia, and Turks from western China. With the rise of Islam they have conquered the land of the Kurds and occupied it after each other and entirely destroyed the Kurdish civilization and since then it is still forbidden, a continuous civilization of millions years old up to the rise of Islam. the Muslims put an end to the sovereignty of Kurdish civilization.

When the Western Imperialism have taken power over the Islamic world, excavated parallel with the oilfields, the buried preserved remains of that civilization, and falsely named it “the Civilization of Extinct Nations” and or “the Iranian (Persian), Arabic and Turks Languages and Cultures”. Constantly they manipulate and sell the Kurdish heritage in their trade centers as inexhaustible sources. 

But still there are many of the Kurds alive, although stunned; when you would tell the Kurds that the most common and well-known idiom among them “Káka” is still sold for a huge amount, they will not understand you, despite explanations that the well-known “Ká, Kák, Káka, Káká, Káki, Kákaei, Ga, Gaga”  have been manipulated, showed as Babylon and sold, the Kurds will do not understand you and yet remain senseless. What a shame!

November 5, 2012, The Hague
Hamíit Qliji Bérai

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