Oct 19, 2011

Patrons of the Nazi heritage prepare propaganda against the “Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon)” They draw the youth into the struggle

The following article appeared in the October 18, 2011 on the website of Dr. Robert Cargill
http://robertcargill.com/2011/10/18/the-iranian-influence-on-judaism-at-bible-and-interpretation/ “Iranian influence on Judaism, By Jason M Silverman, Trinity College Dublin, October 2011; Persepolis and Jerusalem (T&T Clark Int’l, 2012)”.

I said in Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon) -http://www.amazon.com/dp/1466316187/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk , - that the institutes and museums, consciously or unconsciously, provide still the world public and the scientific circuits with wrong information about early human civilizations, ethnography and the bible.
Iranian does not exist in ancient time to have influence on Judaism. Such books and articles are scientifically baseless. You cannot find any trace of Iran, Iranian, Ari or Aryan in the ancient times. Can you prove the existence of Iran or Aryan in ancient time?
The pseudo-scientific evidences for some of these  adopted terms and assumptions are based on falsification of ancient Kurdish documents from Bogazkoy by the Nazi professors like ANNELIES KAMMENHUBER, Die Arier im Vorderen Orient and MANFRED MAYRHOFER, Die Indo-Arier im alten Vorderasien (Wiesbaden 1966) Mayrhofer 1966, pp. 13ff), in the course of the Aryanization.
Jason M Silverman, for Iranian influence on Judaism, refers to Persepolis and Zarathustrianism, both Persepolis and Zarathustrianism are false.
The architect Krefter has recognized the false reconstruction of Persepolis on ruins of an Elamite palace, see http://hqberai.blogspot.com/2011/01/who-was-his-majesty-pahlavi-king.html
For Zarathustrianism zie “Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon)” pg. 100-120 chapter: Ahura-Mazda is a corruption of “the mission of Abraham”.
Ahura-Mazda stands for Ura-maš-da, which means “the mission of Ura (Abraham)”.
Ahura-Mazda is The Great Aryans God of Prophet Zarathustra. Imagine when the God (Ahura-Mazda) is false, the prophet, his book and his faith could not be true.
Persian cannot be qualified as Iranian. Evidently from the texts and artifacts that are named Persians nothing is Persians.

October 19th 2011, The Hague
Hamíit Qliji Bérai

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