Jan 19, 2011

Who was the “His Majesty the Pahlavi King Mohammad Reza, King of Kings of Iran, Aryamehr”, still honored by the Nazis? And why?

This Highness Majesty was the successor of his father Reza Shah. In, Berai 2002, (§17.1) I explained widespread, how the Brits brought to power own obscure illiterate stableboy, Reza Alashti Sawadkohi, a military horses’ servant of the British consulate in Teheran. The Brits injected Blue-blood in him and was made shah in 1925, awarded him the title Pahlavi King Reza Shah, King of Kings of Iran, Aryamehr The Declassified U.S. State Department archives confirms that (Great Britain and Reza Shah: The Plunder of Iran, 1921-1941. By Mohammad Gholi Majd. University Press of Florida, 2001). 
Krefter has recognized the false reconstruction Persepolis
The exhibition “7000 Years Art in Iran” from the 16.2. to 24.4.1962 in Villa Hügel in Essen was the occasion for the director, at that time of the Teheraner, department of the German Archaeological Institute, professor dr. Heinz Luschey, to propose to me the task to accomplish reconstructions of the buildings of the palace terrace of Persepolis in graphic form and describe these reconstructions. The work began in April 1963. In the autumn 1965, the Persian government invited me to visit and spend several days in Iran on Persepolis. During the year 1967 work was interrupted, in order to manufacture a model of the palace terrace in this time, “that as a present of the Federal Government for the anniversary of the crowing of His Majesty Pahlavi-King Mohammad Reza, King of Kings of Iran, Aryamehr (das als Geschenk der Bundesregierung zur Krönung S. M. Mohammad Reza Schahs Pahlavi, Schahenscha von Iran, Aryamehr am), on October 26, 1967 was presented.
See Persepolis is Not Authentic: http://www.elamirkan.net/index_files/persepolisisnotauthentic.htm 

(I explained widespread this subject in Berai 2002 (17.1) Mostafa Kamal en de Engelse portier Rezaxan Sawadkohi de juiste fasciste figuren voor hervormingen)

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