Nov 17, 2010

Ahura-Mazda “The Great Aryans (Iranians) God of Zarathustra” is a false reading of the Kurdish Ura.maš.da which seems to be an indication to The Mission of Prophet Abraham

Ahura-Mazda stands for Ura-maš-da, which according to Kurdish, means “the mission of Ura (Abraham)”.
Ura, uri, urám, abráim, bráhím are Kurdish names for Abraham.
The (Kurdish) maš “act, mass”, is origin of the biblical mass, mission, missionary to which the biblical Cross symbol is dedicated.
The suffix –da is objective definite article here and very common in Kurdish.

God of Zarathustra
Uramašda (Ahura-Mazda)

The sculptures and inscriptions of Behistun, 1907, (Babylonian version, I, 99)

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The Bible (patriarchal-books) is derived from the Babil (Babylon) “Fatherly, patriarchal”

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