Apr 8, 2015

The established scientific wisdom "concern linguistic, ancient history, ethnology, and philosophy”

New book: Kurdsán Cultural Stratigraphy and Maternal Fertility Worship

The Stratigraphic, Linguistic, Historical and DNA Evidences

Authored by Hamiit Qliji Berai (November 15, 2013) 
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches, 441 pages
Categories: Archaeology, Etymology, Biology and Philosophy

The established scientific wisdom "concern linguistic, ancient history, ethnology, and philosophy” is based on biased colonial imperialistic fantasies, Aryanization, and false theologies. For justifying of his mission man has developed wrong ascertainments on the early culture, history and ethnography of the humanity through false reading and false interpretations of the archeological ancient Near East texts and objects, and by modifying of the Greco-Roman, and the so called Syriac/Aramaic biblical scripts. Therefore, the false establishments also betray the modern linguists, historians, and philosophers. Despite my potential indications and approaches continuously during the past two decades, unfortunately the scholars and experts in this field who have the power to acknowledge and confront this reality don't, hitherto have evaded their responsibility to discuss seriously the existing decipherments. The few corrections I have inserted, led to magnificent discoveries and revolutionary scientific accomplishments in this book, which have shown a vastly different ancient Near East.

As far as we can observe from the oldest excavated site Barda Balka, situated in Camcamáĺ, southern Kurdsu, yielded remains of the Lower Palaeolithic, 2.500,000–100,000 BC. The pebble tools, artifacts and human figurines found in excavations in the Kurdish neighboring regions, are typologically similar stylized in general pattern and they are also cultural and artistic identical. The female figurines, known as the “mother-goddesses”, are allied to Palaeolithic types.

The excavated objects demonstrate a comprehensive composition of the biological philosophy of creation and evolution. Evidently, the designers and painters of the objects of the eighth millennium BC knew the cell units and the cellular function and structure. Obviously, the Neolithic civilization did not come into being overnight, but represents a climax of a process that must have started in the Upper Palaeolithic c.35,000-10,000 BC.

This is completely different than the consideration thrust upon society about religion and philosophy that “the conceptual stage related to the Axial Age, begun roughly around the sixth century BC, when Plato and other thinkers founded Greek philosophy and the Buddha and other teachers raised Indic religion to a whole new conceptual level, according to Robert Bellah.”
The biblical holy crosses Maltese Cross, Swastika Cross and the eight-pointed Cardinal Cross are originated in the maternal fertility worship biological scientific philosophy, which are derived from the biological cell structure and function. The biblical crosses represent axial philosophy, which is derived from the coaxial moving cellular process of creation and evolution. The moving cellular process of creation and outgrowth patterns were observed in the nature by the human and have been drawn for manifestation of developmental biology and evolutionary stages of life.

Hamíit Qliji Bérai

(The Hague, April 08, 2015)

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