Sep 10, 2013

Babel (Babylon) is Bible: Bible Discovered Second Edition

Bible Name Of The Patriarchal Books is Derived

From The Babel (Babylon) “Fatherly, Patriarchal”

Babylon, Sumer, Akkad, etc. Are Falsely Invented Names

Authored by Hamiit Qliji Berai (November 15, 2013) 
Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches, 412 pages
Categories: Archaeology, Cultural Stratigraphy, ethnography, Etymology, Linguistic, Philosophy, Bible, social sciences 

The institutes, museums and the generations of archaeologists, anthropologists, philosophers,  etymologists, and linguists have provided the world with wrong information in their reports on the language, culture, and history of early human civilizations, ethnography and the bible.

The modern linguistic, sociology and philosophy are based on wrong assessments concern the early culture, history and ethnography of the humankind. The wrong statements, in the name of linguistic, historical and ethnological sciences, based on false reading and false interpretations of the ancient Near East texts, which have become accepted scientific wisdom and public opinion.

Through this book, I have demonstrated the contradiction and falsehood of the accepted etymologies for the so-called Mesopotamian or the ancient Near East sources. The contemporary accepted interpretations for those sources are contradictory speculations; there is no fact to justify their inconsistency. On the contrary, my interpretations are consistence and recognizable for many languages in the world and in the biblical accounts. In my interpretation, the Kurdish language plays the key role. Kurdish is the language of native speakers of the sites where the texts from are found. That is then self-evident, since the Kurdish language is a fact.

At decipherment of the ancient Near East scripts, which are the scientific sources of our knowledge, the texts have been fixed to a spurious construction by which a pictograph necessarily must be read occasionally as different words in order to obtain the prejudiced composition and meaning of the accepted etymologies. That is why I say: When the facts contradict your theory, you should modify your theory not the facts.

 The scholars, who have authority over the assessment of the ancient texts, still do not count the fact of the indigenous people, the Kurdish language and traditions of the sites where the ancient sources come from. In their assessing they count only the knowledge, which is invented by them or adopted according to their code.

I have often demonstrated that the accepted interpretations for the ancient Near East archaeological and written sources, in too many cases are false. Though, the authorities and the scholars of the ancient Near East studies do not like to understand that. They remain silent and pretend nothing is wrong in their field and bury their head in the sand to refuse to confront or acknowledge the reality. They are busy with “their own career”. By not taking the time to correct the wrongs, they are continuing to falsify ancient documents, and mislead public opinion by providing the world with wrong educational information.

I am available for further discussion and to provide lectures and seminars to any interested parties.

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