Sep 1, 2015

Palmyra’s Temple of Bel is not Temple of God but the Temple of Prophet Abraham

Palmyra’s #Temple of Bel is not Temple of #God but the Temple of #Prophet Abraham

The #crocodile tears of the western #universities and #journals after the destroying of the #Palmyra’s Temple of Bel

The #Islamic State (IS), by destroying of the ruins of Kurdish historical records and cultural heritages (including Jewish and the origin of the Christianity), makes the western universities and journals much easier to continue their crimes and fooling the world!

According to the contemporary accepted false statements of the western universities the temple was consecrated to the Semitic god Bel (Nabu -, Nabi Bel)!

Although in the #Babel (Babylon) is Bible: Bible Discovered (2011, 2013) have been proven that Nabu Bel stands for Prophet Abraham and not for God Bel. And introducing of the Semitic or Semitisem itself is anti Yáhúti (Jew) and falsifying of the Yáhútis identity. The division of people and languages to Indo-European and Semitic is unscientific. There also has been clear that the Semitic people or languages never existed. I proved that the ancient countries or languages and civilizations of the Elamite, Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Hittitian, Assyrian, Syriac, Hurrian, Mesopotamian, etc. never existed. But the established scientists and journals frustrate and block significant innovations in science which challenge their professional position. They continue fooling the world.

The statues and altars of The #Nabu Bel or Nabu Bela (the Prophet Abraham) was destroyed also at the time of the introduction of Roman Christianity (in fourth century) when the Romans conquered the city of #Nimrod and Abram “Ura (Ruhá)”, replaced the established original first Christianity state with their own Roman Christianity and changed name of the city from Ura (Abram) to Edessa (that after conquering by the Turks Muslims called Sanli Urfa).

In the Doctrine of Addai describes the scene at Edessa (Ura): I saw this city that it abounded greatly in paganism which is against God. Who is this Nabu, a fashioned idol to which ye bow down, and Bel which ye honour?What is the great altar which ye have built in the midst of this town, to which ye come and go and on which ye pour libations to demons and sacrifices to devils?' At a festival in Nisan : The whole city assembled near the great altar which was in the midst of the town opposite the office of Records, all the gods having been assembled and having been adorned and seated in honour, both Nabu and Bel with their companions. All the priests were offering sweet incense and libations, and the odour of the holocausts was diffused and sheep and oxen were slaughtered, and the sound of music and the drum was heard in all the town.

Twice a year, it will be recalled, one of the columns at Hierapolis was climbed by a representative of the cult to pray either that no deluge should again afflict the earth or that the pious should prosper.

From these contradictory interpretations of the so-called Syriac (Aramic) texts Doctrine of Addai – is also comprehensible that the texts have been falsely called Syriac/Aramic, the translators do not understand the texts and maintain wrong determinatives for the names of God. The fashioned idol Nabu and the Bel are well-known Kurdish names. Nabu means prophet and Bel means Abram, Bela (the Prophet Abraham).

I cannot understand whether the honouring of Prophet Abraham and praying for that no deluge should again afflict the earth, could be counted to paganism and against the God?

See #Babel (Babylon) is Bible: Bible Discovered (2nd Edition, pages 101-103 (Satisfactory evidences for Nimrod’s Erekh in Ura (city) the birthplace of prophet Abram) and Page 272 (False Determinative Alu Kar for Country, City, City-wall, City State).


The Hague, September 1, 2015

Hamíit Qliji Bérai

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