Apr 9, 2013

How to stop “the trend of genocide” against the Kurds

In combating marginalization and genocide

The Kurds are "canalized into annihilation” and occupying with activities which could not change their destiny!

The Western Colonial establishment pretends the liberation Kurdish land  “ Kurdsu” to be violation of the Iraqi, Iranian, Turkey and Syrian territorial integrity and sovereignty! Although before the Islam, the Arabs, Iranians and Turks have no history in what is now Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria the occupiers of Kurdish homeland. Evidently the documented history by the establishment for Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Syrians are hoaxes.
They are Muslim invaders, established upon country, history and cultural heritage of the Kurdish people. They are responsible for occupying, destroying of cultural and natural sources of the Kurds and responsible for genocide against Kurdish people.

I have discovered countless evidences, which are suppressed and hidden by the establishment, from which has been clear that the available adapted information and education sources about the identity, culture and history of the Kurds, Iran (Persian, Ariers), Turks (Turanian), Arabs (Semites) and about the Islam are evidently hoaxes based on falsifying and destroying of the ancient Kurdish history and cultural heritage. 

The establishment has set up fake Kurdish organizations and or paying Kurdish gangs to mislead the Kurds and keep them divided inside the ‎borders of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. In the shadow of unawareness they occupying the Kurds with fake activities which could not change their destiny!

The Kurdish rebelling and the rebel’s organizations in all part of Kurdsán just made the Kurds victim. In the past decades of their existence, they caused only misery for the Kurds.

The so-called Kurdish "political organizations" being used as means of political pressure in the region. So their approach, mentality and understanding of politic concern the Kurdish issue are the major obstacle in the way of liberation of the Kurdish nation.
The major problem with the Kurdish National Ambitious Combat (defense of the existence of the ‎Kurdish people) is that the Kurds still do not understand the national values, especially cultural heritage of the Kurdish people. They have no clue what is happened and what is going on. ‎Consequently they are incapable undertake suitable strategy to combat the looting and destruction of the Kurdish existence! 

The modern established education system and the adopted available sources of information by the western universities, has the main role to uproot “genocide” the Kurdish nation virtually and physically from the history. That goes parallel with the political violence, terror, and massacre of the Kurds by the Arabs, Iranians, and Turks since the rise of Islam to control and occupy the Kurdish motherland Kurdsu.

The adapted writing system and standardization for Farsi, Turks and Arabic are tools of formation to do remove the Kurdish language, history and identity from the mind and to transform the Kurds, unconsciously and gradually, to Turks, Arabs and Iranians the Muslim conquerors of the Kurdsu.
For instance, there is a false etymological writing system adopted for Farsi, Arabic and Turks, according to that and according to the contemporary available adopted information and education sources, in the name of science, all existing words in the Near - and Middle East are from Persian, Arabic or Turkish origin; there is no mentioning of Kurdish or a single word which might be originated from Kurdish, although the Kurdish language evidently is the ground of the Bible and the Arabic, Turks, Farsi, Indo and European related languages. 
In the official historiography the Kurdish peoples and the Kurdish languages have been introduced as the New Persians that are came into existence about 9th century AD. (“The Rise of the New Persian Language”, in The Cambridge History of Iran Vol. 4 (From the Arab Invasion to the Saljuks) G. Lazard, under redaction of R.N. Frye (London: Cambridge University Press 1975, 595-633).

And they have success in their mission formation and transformation of the Kurds, unconsciously and gradually.

There are millions of people who consider themselves as Syrians, Arameans, Assyrians, Iraqis, Turks, Iranians, they do not know of Kurdish but they remember yet that their grandparents were Kurds or spoke Kurdish.

Increasingly regions from the Kurdish territory cut off and turn into territories of the Arabs, Iranians and Turks.

Increasingly Kurds in the Kurdish regions assimilate and absorb into Turks, Arabic, and Farsi.

The Kurds are "canalized into annihilation”.
The so-called Kurdish political organizations “gangs", their approach, mentality and understanding of politic concern the Kurdish issue and the Muslim Invaders of Kurdsu are adopted and imposed by the Western Colonialism, which is the major obstacle in the way of liberation of the Kurdish nation. 

In combating marginalization and genocide, the only way to stop this trend of genocide is a Confederation of Independent Kurdish National State or United States of Independent Kurdsu; wherein all Kurdish regional languages, cultural heritage, and natural sources must be protected.

Since the WW1, geopolitically the region has never been as favorable as now for independent Kurdsán states one after the other! The Kurds should prepare their own mind and mental to make that possible! 
The Kurds should not deceive themselves, and expect nothing from the Talebani-Barzani autocracy, except corruption and oil - gas robbery. 
The KRG is an oil-robbery administration set up by the internationals to getting oil outside the law with lowest price and the leading of the Kurdish organizations are just means to deceive the Kurds and the Kurdish movements to lose the opportunities to liberate Kurdsán. The opportunity of 2003, fall of Iraq after Sadam Hussain and reestablishing of the Iraq by the Talebani and Barzani Kurds led by the Western Colonial Coalition, is a clear example. 
Domination of stupidly and betrayal political culture among the Kurdish organizations in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran is catastrophic for the Kurdish people!  
In answer to the question, who is responsible for this problem? I put it in this way: (1)  Roman ‎Christianity. (2) Muslim conquest of Šádánian last Kurdish empire (224 - 651 AD), which  by the colonial historiography falsely introduced as Sasanian last pre-Islamic Persian empire that evidently has nothing to do with Persian, neither with the pseudo Iranian. (3) Western Colonialism. (4) Kurdish gangs ‎‎(call themselves The Kurdish political organizations).

Hamíit Qliji Bérai, Sep 22, 2011

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