Jan 25, 2012

Zoroastrianism is a fake religion fabricated about 1755 in western universities

Zoroastrianism is a fake religion and its philosophy based on false documents invented in western universities about 1755, in the course of Aryanization and the fabrication of Iran.

This religious sect in Kerman, Isphahan and India did not know the word Zoroastrian, they were, before, called Gabrs by the Muslims, but they were not called Zoroastrians.

Gaber is the Arabic-Farsi form for the Kurdish gur < gr, the well-known ancient "gur, guru". It is a Kurdish title, one of its meanings is “great” that is root for the English words great, guru and grand. All historical documents indicate that they were parts of the ancient Kakaians or Ezidians.

In reaction to: Zoroastrianism in Persia before Islam in Iran http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0AH-oFmU5M&feature=email

[The teachings of the Persian prophet Zoroaster founded in the early part of the 5th century BCE] doesn’t exist. In the 5th century BC documents is just the false name Ahura-Mazda and nothing else.

To understand how the Western experts have the Kurdish word Ura-maš-da, falsely demonstrated as Ahura-Mazda in such documents, see http://hqberai.blogspot.com/2010/11/ahura-mazda-great-aryans-iranians-god.html

Ahura-Mazda stands for Ura-maš-da, which means “the mission of Ura (Abraham)”.

Ahura-Mazda is represented as The Great Aryans God of Prophet Zarathustra. Imagine when the God (Ahura-Mazda) is false, the prophet, his book and his faith could not be true.

The word form Zarathustra stands for the adopted Zartuasht, which appears to be a corrupt reading of the Kurdish Zard-wašt “yellow glow of the sun”, subsequently indicates the naturalists, the worshippers of the nature, the worshippers the yellow glow of the sun, the sun worshippers, the fire worshipers. They were the ancestors of the present Ezidian, Alhaqian and Kakaian the Kurdish sects who worship the morning and the evening “yellow glow of the sun”.

For discussion and scientific documentation see “Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon)”.


Destroying of an ancient artwork is indeed destroying human heart, but destroying of the existence ancient of a native nation is destroying of the native nation in its whole.

In reaction to: Iraqi Museum Tragedy: “this destroyed my heart!!! A Parthian statue from Hatra may be of Hercules” The Iraqi Museum Tragedy on 12th of April 2003

The Kurdish Parthian Empire of the Arsáq (Arsac, Arsacid) dynasty c. 250 BC- 224 AD is falsely identified as Middle Persian of the “Ashkanid, Ashkanian” dynasty!

The Ashkanid, Ashkanian! Where do they come from?

See Parthian the Arsacid dynasty (Kurdish Ersáqi, the Xorásáni Kurds) (pg. 79-132 and under The biblical Isaac to be identified with Esáq, Ersáq) in the Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon). January 25, 2012

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